#100DaysOfCode - a recap


Finally, I finished my #100DaysOfCode challenge I started on May 31st this year. The challenge is a great way to establish coding to become a daily habit, stop procrastinating and working on projects, that have been only ideas before. For me it also became a way to keep in practice, since I left my programmer's job for maternal leave. I wrote a short recap about what I did in 100 days time.

What is the #100DaysOfCode challenge?

The challenge was established by Alexander Kallaway and its website is available here. There are just two rules: code every day and track your efforts on Twitter. I didn't stick to those rules 100%, but I am happy with the outcome nevertheless. You can follow my progress on this small log book I wrote during the time.

For many coding newbies, the #100DaysOfCode helps with first tutorials and bootcamps, but since this was not the case for me I collected some topics I wanted to learn about and projects I planned to build.

Which projects did I finish?

The Lord of the Rings API

The "API to rule them all", the Lord of the Rings api, provides users with book, character, movie and quotes data. The api's documentation is available here. This was my biggest project I finished during the challenge and it is also my favourite one. It's built with Hapi.js, server side rendering React.js and includes technologies like MongoDB and JSON Web Token authorization. In the future I would like to put this project on Open Source to make contributions possible. Github repository

The friendly fem tech bot

The Node.js powered Twitter bot retweets female tech related tweets including #girlswhocode #womenintech #womenwhocode #womeninstem #femaletech #momswhocode and others. You can follow the @femtech_ bot on Twitter.

Blockchain simulator

This small app provides a basic blockchain simulation and is built in React.js. For this project I also deployed an app to a static site hoster Github pages for the first time - a straightforward experience. Github repository

"Track ur mood" Electron.js app

This is an experimental small project that can track your daily moods. It is built to try out Electron.js app and runs on Next.js under the hood. Data is stored in a lowdb powered Node.js / Hapi.js backend. Plus, it is styled with a supercute Windows95 UI library. Github repository

The false quotes generator

The false quotes generator missmatches mostly Simpsons' quotes to famous people. For this project I tried out Svelte.js and Sapper, a new shiny Javascript framework with a Node.js / Polka backend. Github repository

Publish a npm package

This is my first move to publish a npm package and - hurray! - it returns a single Lord of the Rings movie quote. Github repository


This is my small portfolio website I revamped with the static site generator Gatsby.js and some responsiveness improvements. Github repository

What else did I learn?

Whenever I didn't feel like coding on a project I worked on this Udemy course by Andrei Neagoie which includes great material about advanced web development topics like performance enhancements, security, typescript, testing, CI/CD, server side rendering, and more. I also worked on advanced React.js topics like React hooks and React CSS styling. Furthermore a studied some DevOps related problems and created my first Docker container.

Should you do the #100DaysOfCode challenge too?

Totally! The challenge can help to keep going: Learning to code, finishing projects, achieving your goals. A big plus is the huge community on Twitter. With like-minded people in your timeline staying away from procrastination is much more easier. Start today!