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#100DaysOfCode – a recap

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Finally, I finished my #100DaysOfCode challenge I started on May 31st this year. The challenge is a great way to establish coding to become a daily habit, stop procrastinating and working on projects, that have been only ideas before. For me it also became a way to keep in practice, since I left my programmer’s job for maternal leave. I wrote a short recap about what I did in 100 days time.

How To: Smart Home setup to track indoor temperatures and humidity with sensors, Raspberry Pi, MQTT, Node.js, Vue.js and Chart.js

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So I went on maternity this January and came up with an idea about a nice little project to do in my free time that went a little further from my usual Javascript front- und backend projects I usually do at work. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 at home I bought over a year ago and never did something useful with so I decided I wanted to track temperatures and humidity in our child’s […]