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wom3n hack!

I love to inspire more women* to get into coding and try out web development. Thus, I give workshops for beginners and host extensive trainings in German or English at irregular intervals.



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conference talk Introduction to Web3 frontend development (English)

WomenWhoCode Blockchain 9/1/2022

workshop Blockchains, Crypto & Web3 (German)

ditact, Universität Salzburg 8/29/2022-8/30/2022

workshop Introduction to Web Development (German)

Informatica Feminale BW, Universität Freiburg 8/4/2022-8/6/2022

workshop Blockchains, Crypto & Web3 (German)

Informatica Feminale, Universität Bremen 7/25/2022-8/5/2022

conference talk Women disrupting Web3 (English)

WomenTech Global Conference 6/8/2022

workshop Introduction to modern web development (German)

ditact, Universität Salzburg 8/30/2021-8/31/2021

workshop Introduction to modern web development (German)

Informatica Feminale, Universität Bremen 8/17/2021-8/20/2021

conference talk How to build a friendly (Twitter) bot (English)

WomenTech Conference 6/8/2021

* This includes not only women, but also inter, nonbinary, trans und agender persons.