#100DaysOfCode – a recap

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Finally, I finished my #100DaysOfCode challenge I started on May 31st this year. The challenge is a great way to establish coding to become a daily habit, stop procrastinating and working on projects, that have been only ideas before. For me it also became a way to keep in practice, since I left my programmer’s job for maternal leave. I wrote a short recap about what I did in 100 days time.

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How To: Smart Home setup to track indoor temperatures and humidity with sensors, Raspberry Pi, MQTT, Node.js, Vue.js and Chart.js

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TLDR; This three-part tutorial explains how to setup a basic smart home web app tracking sensor data for temperature and humidity with a Raspberry Pi and web technologies like Mosquitto, Node.js, Express.js, Vue.js, Quasar and Chart.js.

Tiny Smart Home

So I went on maternity this January and came up with an idea about a nice little project to do in my free time that went a little further from my usual Javascript front- und backend projects I usually do at work. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 at home I bought over a year ago and never did something useful with so I decided I wanted to track temperatures and humidity in our child’s room and bedroom to a have an idea about a good indoor climate. In the end I wanted to finalize a cloud-based dashboard web app which provides the incoming sensor data in real time and available everywhere and everytime.

I wrote this three-part tutorial to track my experiences, tech choices and suggestions for you to follow and came up with a solution that comes with an easy hardware setup and some popular (and worth to learn if you are not already familiar with) web development technologies, including Node.js, Mosquitto and Vue.js.

The basic three parts will allow you to run a web application on your local machine. Nevertheless I added some more features including persistent database storing and the deployment in the cloud with Heroku. You will find these tutorials at the end of this page.

The code base is stored on Github!

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