I'm Ulrike Exner (or just Rike), frontend developer from Berlin @IAV, currently diving into everything Web3 @WBW3. Checkout upcoming coding workshops and talks here.

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My favourite Projects


Exploring Web3: Safe and sound starter guide (not only for software developers)

March 28, 2022

Exploring the Web3 field can quickly feel very overwhelming for beginners, even for folks with a technical background. This then is probably the guide if you would like to take your first 12 steps and start doing things without any real money involved.

Hack the Web3: Building a Wordle on the Blockchain

March 18, 2022

The Web3 community is certainly one of the most vibrant ones in the tech space. During web3con hackathon 2022 a team of five built the decentralized version of the popular Wordle online game. This is how we implemented it using Solidity, React, Hardhat and Alchemy.

How to build a friendly Social bot

June 3, 2021

Social bots? Sounds suspicious? Depends on how you implement them: I'll show you how I built a friendly Twitter bot that supports women in tech and how you could as well.