I'm ulrike (or just rike) and I am a software developer from Berlin, Germany with a focus on web technologies including · JavaScript · Node.js · HTML5 · CSS3 · React · Vue.js · Redux . GraphQL · Django · Flask · PostgreSQL · MongoDB and others. I hold a Master's degree in computer science and I have worked as online content manager, librarian and freelance web developer. Annually, I give talks for beginners in web development at Informatica Feminale in Bremen to inspire more women to get into web development. Sometimes I produce audio podcasts for scientific purposes and I like writing. If you'd like to connect, do not hesitate to drop a line!

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My favourite Projects

The Lord of the Rings API

is the biggest JSON based data source providing information about the trilogy.


is a super lightweight headless, API-first, flat-file cms written in Node.js/Next.js made for blogs and other small content-driven frontends.

The friendly @femtech_ bot

retweets and supports female developers, scientists and engineers on Twitter.

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Headless, API-first, wtf? A short introduction to all the Content Management System types

18th June, 2020

For quite some time Wordpress seemed like the only popular solution for content-driven webpages, but in the last years some new paradigms in content management evolved that basically try to level up content management into the new web app age. I gathered some information about general cms concepts.

#100DaysOfCode - a recap

17th July, 2019

Finally, I finished my #100DaysOfCode challenge I started on May 31st this year. The challenge is a great way to establish coding to become a daily habit, stop procrastinating and working on projects, that have been only ideas before.

How to: Build a Twitter bot with Node.js - fast!

25th June, 2019

Building a Twitter bot with Node.js is easy these days (if you have at least some web development & JavaScript knowledge). Get ready with me and set up your own one in just a few minutes.