I'm ulrike (or just rike) and I am a software developer and lecturer from Berlin, Germany with a focus on web technologies.
I love to inspire women to get into coding and offer online web development courses in German.

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My favourite Projects


How to build a friendly Social bot

3rd June, 2021

Social bots? Sounds suspicious? Depends on how you implement them: I'll show you how I built a friendly Twitter bot that supports women in tech and how you could as well.

REST APIs for absolute beginners

3rd May, 2021

What are REST APIs? What do I need them for? This is what you maybe searched for or didn't dare to ask: The absolute beginner's guide to REST APIs. I explain how you can access (and authenticate) them and make the most out of them. I will use the Lord of the Rings API in this article.

Headless, API-first, wtf? A short introduction to all the Content Management System types

18th June, 2020

For quite some time Wordpress seemed like the only popular solution for content-driven webpages, but in the last years some new paradigms in content management evolved that basically try to level up content management into the new web app age. I gathered some information about general cms concepts.